Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Getting Proper/New Name

Getting Proper

I blame Sam for the "Mason Proper moment" I had yesterday. I have been checking out the groups he mentions in his blog. I found Death Cab For Cutie and The Decemberists (but not 'The Tain' album yet). The cds are around $20 each so I am being really picky.

I couldn't find any Mason Proper cds in the store. I looked and looked and was hampered by the fact I couldn't remember the full name.

Morgan Proper ... nope ... Miss, all I know is its M - something - Proper.

She looked and couldn't find anything. I was mildly happy because I can't afford a new cd right now.

I was having lunch later and remembered the full name. I wanted to go back and ask about it. I decuded not to because I might order the da*mn thing.:)

So yeah, blame Sam.

New Name

Message to (friend) at 05:22:20 pm: I sent the link to stephen ------ he gets all the artsy sites I find

Message from (friend) at 05:22:24 pm: :)

Message to (friend) at 05:22:25 pm: and sam gets the indie

Message to (friend) at 05:22:38 pm: maybe I should call myself

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Shahid said...

Hi Googleon.

Leon said...


... said...

Yes, you will not find the Mason Proper CD in stores. You will have to get it from their official website -

The Demos & B-sides CD is extremely good, but if you wait a little while, their first full length will be out - There's A Moth In Your Chest. From what I have heard of it, it is very good.

Leon said...

Thanks Sam.