Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Firemind Cinema 9

Welcome to Firemind Cinema. This week we have a toon and some "home movies" plus our feature. The feature is a funny documentary. Let me know what you think of the vids.

Caveman Porn - 26 sec - Stevan Hogg. A weird little cartoon.

Kawliga chewing his foot - 30 sec. What can I say except, "Aaaawww, cute puppy!"

The Boring Show ThrIII - 2 min 22 sec - by Matt. What happens when a bored teen has a video camera? He makes a series.

Jake Is Lou - 2 min 12 sec - by Lou and Jake. Lou made a number of videos and featured them on his (now defunct) vlog. This is one of my favourites.

how to be emo - 20 min 44 sec. Our feature is a funny self-help documentary.

Update: The Boring Show and its associated blog seem to have disappeared. That's no fun.

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