Tuesday, November 15, 2005

How I Found The Blogs I Read

After finishing the post on reading blogs I wondered where I found the bloggers I read. Some like Laura - Jane find me. Some like Lou I meet through a forum/third party (we both responded to a blogger's call for help). Some like Christine I find while searching Blogger profiles. Some I meet through other bloggers. Some appear in my Truefresco referrer.

Here is a list I made up of people on my current Links Page. The > indicates that I found that person.

Example: Me> One > Two. Somehow I found person one and through them found person two.

My List:

Me > Laura-Jane > LJ
Me > Laura-Jane > Rufus Monk

Me > Christine > Mick

Me > Joel

Me > Fintan

Me > Keith

Me > Kim

Me > men-a-men

Me > Josh

Me > Lou > Animationman
Me > Lou > Sam
Me > Lou > Shahid > Sudman > Stephen

Notice how certain people are the key to many more. Also note the chain of events needed to meet certain people. For example: I had to keep reading a number of blogs to eventually meet Stephen.

This is an interesting mental exercise that can produce some interesting insights. Look at all the people I have met just because Lou and I wanted to help another blogger.

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