Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Why I Read The Blogs I Do - Part 2

In Part 1 I discussed why I started to wonder about my blog reading. I also talked about looking for blogs and some of the things I like in a blog.

If I specifically search for a blog I can find many that are current and fit my basic parameters (blogs from the UK for example). I then have to read enough of the blog to see if it 'fits' me.

If I come across a blog randomly then the issue is more basic. Do I find the blog interesting enough to keep reading it.

So what do I find interesting in certain blogs? What attracts me to them? Here is a list of things I look for:

Is the blogger from a location I am interested in and/or traveled to? For example: I made two trips to the UK and remember my time there. The issues, culture, and location all attract my attention and I like comparing their viewpoints to mine.

Has the blogger experienced some of the same things I have? For example: I tend to be drawn to blogs written by students because I was one for many years. When reading these blogs I learn something new (about the person) and remember things that I went through.

Will the blog allow me to relate to someone I normally wouldn't be able to? For example: I used to avoid blogs written by younger bloggers because I couldn't relate to them. Working with young people on projects opened my eyes. I found the information refreshing. I now read a number of blogs written by young bloggers.

For various reasons I find myself reading blogs. What makes me return to the blog again and again? Several things:

The blog is regularly being updated. I like to read new posts. My links page isn't a morgue.

The blogger is expressive. Links and quotes are nice sometimes, but I am more interested in what the person has to say. Original writing that is readable is better than a poor clone of the latest 'blog god'.

The blogger has some understanding of English and design. Blogs full of IM text or blogs that are hideous to view and difficult to read annoy me.

The blog is nice to visit. Blogs with annoying pop up windows or gimmicks that crash my browser will be ignored.

The blogger interacts with me if I comment. Not all comments need to be acknowledged. However, if a blog owner never responds to comments I do tend to be more critical of the blog. Why are comments activated if a person doesn't want interaction?

The blogger is passionate about what they write about. Enthusiasm is contagious and can keep readers reading a blog. Boring rambling blogs make me bored. How can I get excited about what is written if the writer isn't?

Blogs are not static websites. They are appealing because they provide new material in a timely manner. As we read a blog we become involved and put some effort into making it part of our routine. In some ways it becomes one of 'our blogs'.

As I read 'my blogs' I tend to get caught up in them. This allows me to expand my cybersocial network to places and people I wouldn't normally interact with. As my group of blog - friends grows and becomes more diverse I grow as a person and my life is enriched.

Since I started blogging and reading blogs I have become open to new ideas and people. I am learning and having fun doing so. Thats why I blog and read the blogs I do.


LJ said...

WOW! You've been giving this a lot of thought. Who'da thunk? :-) I'm certainly glad I'm not one that ticks you off and you ignore. Or at least, you seem to keep visiting . . . ;^)

Leon said...

I had fun articulating what I do intuitively. With blogs I have read for a while I learn your routines and adapt. Your blog is varied enough to be surprising and when the muse takes hold you write very good stuff.

LJ said...

Thank you.

Fintan said...

This is a great article, Leon.

Leon said...

Thanks Fin.