Saturday, November 12, 2005


I finished another novel last night and will review it soon. Reading is fun.

I have also been reading some interesting blogs. I may add some of them to my Links Page.

The Just Joshin' Podcast - Josh's blog is already on my links page. He has joined 2 Lazy 2 Blog also. His podcasts are great.

sagunt sometimes speaks - Sagunt and I share a few things in common. He writes well.

Wandering on the Lonely Moon that is my Mind - "the Awesome Possum" is a student in Edmonton. I am still exploring this blog but it is interesting so far.

men-a-men-eng - this is the English version of "men-a-men: that's me". Men-a-Men is a boy in the Netherlands who writes an interesting blog. He also posts nice photos. You can comment in the posts in the Dutch version.

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