Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hectic Day

I am very tired tonight. A lot is happening right now.

My apartment is being renovated and everything is in transition. Tomorrow night it should be all over and I can get back online.

I have to get more things done tonight before the contractors come tommorrow.

I had a fun time this morning checking a site while IMing with friends. The ideas were flowing through blog posts, blog comments, and text messages. It was interesting to see communication happening on so many levels between four people in two cities. I would have loved to kept at it but the renovators were pushing a fridge towards me.:)

2 Lazy 2 Blog is quite dynamic. We don't take ourselves too seriously, and don't always agree, but we do get along. We now have nine members.

To kill time I caught the bus out to Admirals Walk shopping center and had a look around. I haven't been to that area of town for ages. I took a few pics.

I wrote posts for 2 Lazy 2 Blog and The Demo Blog.

I seem to have lost all contact with one of my online friends. I hope things are ok.

Well, that was my day. Over all it was a good one. I hope yours was too.


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