Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'm Back


I wasn't sure if I would be posting tonight but the renovations are done. I haven't gotten everything reorganized but the essentials are in place.


We had an outrageous windstorm today. There were many power outages in Victoria. I didn't lose power but other places in my neighbourhood did.

The Inner Harbour was bizarre. There were whitecaps forming near the docks where the harbour ferries dock! The wind and waves were so strong that the MV Coho had to have a tug boat help it dock. I was taking pics of it and talking to news people from the 'A-Channel'.


I was talking with an acquaintance who is running in the municipal elections. We talked about ways of communicating with people. I mentioned blogging and offered to get him organized. I may be busy teaching again.

2 Lazy 2 Blog should be called 2 Busy sometimes. But we all manage to contribute and have fun. It is interesting to see a sense of community develop and members begin to comment on each other's blogs. The group is dynamic and keeps growing.

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