Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I have been busy both on the computer and off.

We relaxed some membership rules at Our Photoblog and invited some friends to join us. This should make things more dynamic and fun.

At 2 Lazy 2 Blog we are in the final stages of our 'Motto Contest'. We have also added a frappr map so members and friends show where they are from.

I have also been experimenting with new designs for some of my blogs. I still haven't decided how far I want to change things so I am going nice and slow.

Out in the "real" world things have been busy too.

Today I worked at one of my volunteer jobs and had two meetings to attend. One of the meetings was about a free, one term, course called University 101. I am excited about the course.

I wanted to phone family and friends tonight but I have phone problems. Eesh! Why can't technology just work?

Well, there is one good thing about being this busy - I am not bored!


Mick in the UK said...

Eesh! Why can't technology just work?

Too right Leon.
I jsut tried to add myself to your frapper and I get ....'invalid city'.
Oh well.

Leon said...

I added you. The controls are fiddly still. BETA :)