Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Still Busy

I have the application for University 101 completed and will take it in tomorrow. Then I will just have to wait until early January to see if I am accepted.

I managed to get some things done uptown today. One of which was browsing for nonfiction books. I saw some that looked interesting and affordable and may buy one of them.

I was ignored by the staff at the bookstore and was able to browse in peace for a change. Miracles do happen.

My long distance is still screwed up. I managed to phone my parents collect using an automated system. It only took five minutes, two 10 digit phone numbers, and several clicks through "press 1" options.

I have been playing around with frappr and learned more about it. Joining when you comment gives more options and the ability to be a member of several groups. It does mean learning another password and creating another 'identity'. I am not sure if I like the idea of frappr becoming a community like flickr and so on. All I want from it is a way to show where my readers are and what their blogs are.

Today was a long day, but it was a good day.


LJ said...

Have you tried that second hand book store on Fort Street? Above BC Shaver's I think. It just goes on and on and on ....
P.S. Can you help me get somekind of "commenting" happening on my page? Pretty please with ... sugar substitute on top?

Leon said...

Russel's? Yes I visit fairly often.

I will contact you about comments etc.