Sunday, December 04, 2005


My mind is afire right now.

I started using Xandros Linux two years ago. Recently I have been thinking about what I like and dislike about it. This came about after I had trouble viewing a multimedia file.

I decided to write a non-technical blog post about my experience with Xandros. I planned to cover the reasons why I moved to Linux, what I like about it, and what I dislike about it. I was going to compare what I use Windows 98 for and what I use Xandros for. The only problem I saw was writing enough to explain myself without getting confusing and boring. Kind of like Fin's post about OS X.

I knew right away that I would need to write two posts. One would take care of the details I mentioned. The second would look at what I want and need in my next computer. As I typed up a brief outline for these posts my brain cells got burning. Eeesh, it's hot in here!

I think the 'trouble' started when I realized that what OS I use is secondary to what my software does for me. Yes, computer security and stability are important, but my daily routine is based on what software/applications I use.

I moved to Xandros because I wanted stability and security. I also wanted to start using something new and useful without having to buy a new computer. I chose a dual boot system because I like playing computer games which aren't supported by Xandros. My choices were defined by my software.

Xandros looks and feels very much like Windows. It is more stable and secure but these aspects are hidden away inside. It can be fun being a 'linux geek' but I am more of a realist. I use what I can to do what I want.

One of my main hobbies is playing computer games. I can't play what I want easily (if at all) in Xandros. Therefore I was happily stuck with Windows. However, I have been changing and gaming isn't as important to me as it was.

I was sure that when I get a new computer I would get a PC with Windows XP and then I would probably load up Xandros again. The alternative is to only run Xandros. Breaking free from Windows completely would be a mixed blessing. The problem is software.

A few hours ago I realized I had come full circle. I was evaluating my recent experiences with Xandros and Windows on terms of the Operating System when I should be thinking of the software. I thought I had pinpointed the issue by saying I needed the Windows games.

Correction. I need some entertainment on my computer. Almost all of my games are old and have been superseded by later versions. It may not be a good idea to load them on a computer running XP. My "tons of games" excuse for choosing XP isn't valid. I am freer than I thought.

Without my software collection involved things change. Now it isn't just a Windows versus Xandros debate. I revisited Apple to check on Macs.

My mind is afire. My eyes probably have a demonic red glow now. The silly thing is... after all this writing I still have two posts to complete.

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