Monday, December 26, 2005

A Good Christmas

I had a good Christmas.

In the last few days I sent out around 30 Holiday e-cards. I don't think I have ever sent more than 9 cards in one year in my whole life! I don't think all of the e-cards went through so I probably missed some of you. I did reconnect with some friends who have stopped blogging for various reasons. That was nice.

I got a very nice home made card via email from a friend in Europe. That was nice.

I went to friends for an early Christmas Dinner. I filled up on food and had a good visit. When I got home I had a long nap.

I got loads of munchies, and several presents. I got an art kit from my aunt and uncle. Now I have to get "crafty" and paint and glue wood together. I also got a book of poetry written by my uncle. My friends gave me a Starbucks giftcard and Santa gave me two books. I also got some money from various family members and relatives.

So it was a combination of the material and social traditions of Christmas. I didn't get too much and I wasn't forgotten. I remembered other people and thought a bit about what the Holiday means to me.

Yes, it was a good Christmas.


Stephen said...

Nice...Starbucks giftcard. I got one of those myself. Can't wait to start loading up on coffee.

Shogun said...

Well that was nice... Ususlally I get lots and lots of Christmas cards, and I usually give them out to my friends at school. But this year, being a senior now, I finished school early November, so it wasn't really anywhere near Christmas yet, so I didn't give out any cards, I only recieved three cards, One from my Nana, one from my boss, and one from ym friend in Japan...

Leon said...

Stephen - yeah me too.

Shogun - I noticed the same thing when I went to uni. Many of my social ties changed when I graduated.

Comyn said...

My card buying goes woefully undeveloped, though of course I enjoy receiving them. Thanks, Leon!