Tuesday, December 27, 2005

No Monsters Here

I am feeling odd this morning.

I connected with family and friends and that felt good. One friend is trying to cutback being online and I can understand that. All hobbies need to be balanced with other activities.

I got to thinking of blogs that have disappeared for various reasons. Usually the person gets distracted and the blog gets neglected. Sometimes the person makes a decision to quit blogging. Many other reasons can make a person quit blogging.

Sometimes bloggers are forced/encouraged to quit by friends and family. If someone disagrees with my blog I feel they could ask me to delete parts of it. But quitting blogging is out of the question. Of course, I am an adult and I live alone. It is hard to pressure me.

I think some people fear the Internet and related technology. Strangers lurk there! Watch out! If they want their kids to be protected then they should learn a bit about their online activities. Blogging and commenting on blogs is a mild cybersocial activity. It allows people to interact with others in the public internet. Some people still fear it however.

I remember a conversation with a parent about the Internet. In one brief comment blogging, email, and adult video chat sites were lumped together as dangers she had to protect her teenager from. I couldn't help thinking she was naive and her kid was probably already was on the 'net.

I blog here. I interact with many different people. I don't feel blogging is some den of evil consuming me and everyone else. The "den of evil" is in the minds of the fear mongers.

I felt a little displaced this morning after reading something in a blog. But writing here helped me express what I was feeling and get it out of my system. If I didn't have this outlet to write and be read I would need some other release. I choose this one.


Shogun said...

Haha~ that reminded me of when we first got the internet in 2001, I would have been 12. My mother didn't want me to go into chat rooms, but I always did, I love making new friends, and I liked Chat rooms because there were always a wide variety of people I could meet. They were scared people would want to meet me, and steal me I suppose, hahahaha~ but I never asked anyone to meet me, and no one's ever asked me ^___^ anyways, most people I met in Chat rooms live in the US anyways, It's a little far..

Leon said...

"but I always did" - yup, finding your own way.:)

I like to communicate with different people. I would find it odd to IM young people in my area. Maybe I am infected with that you-shouldn't-do-this paranoia.

Stephen said...

I really don't know what I'd do without the internet at this point. Go insane maybe? I don't know. It's been one of the best ways for me to communicate with people. Whether it be people I already know or those I find online.

Joel said...

And there's my reason: writing blog posts for a living ;-)