Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Planning Ahead

I have been working with ideas for blog posts and for workshops.

Blog Posts

Firemind's Blog Awards - I planned on mentioning some of my favourite blogs. I decided to hand out awards like Sam did.

Firemind 2005 - A Retrospective - This will be an overview of my blogging year.

Safe Blogging - This will be a post or a series of posts dedicated to having a fun and safe time while blogging. If you have any ideas or suggestions please email me and I will credit you.

The first two posts will be done by New Years. The third may have to wait until January.


I have been thinking about presenting workshops at a local community centre. I could do Blogging For Seniors and Blogging For Teens or combine them into one program.

I have been thinking of these workshops for a while. Since I like teaching and can work with small groups I don't see a problem with that aspect.


Shogun said...

nice ideas, I always like the ieads of awards~

Leon said...