Friday, December 30, 2005

Most Interesting New Blog

Men-a-men is a blog written by a boy living in The Netherlands. I discovered it in November and have been hooked since. Men writes about his daily activities and his school projects. I find the blog refreshing and sometimes quite funny.

What attracted me to the blog was that I have travelled to The Netherlands and I enjoyed my time there. The local perspective keeps me checking things on the Internet.

The biggest challenge with the blog is commenting. Men writes the blog and posts photos. His mom translates the blog to create the English language version. If readers comment in English then Men may have to get his mom to translate.

I started using the Babel Fish translator so I could comment in Dutch. It isn't perfect so I have had to learn to read and write some Dutch. This is challenging and fun. Men makes an effort to present his blog in my language so I work to respond in his.

I think this is a good blog for kids to read. They can learn about another country and relate to a boy their age. It is also a fun blog for adults.

Summary for Men in Dutch:

  • Men-a-men is an interesting blog.
  • Men writes well and posts nice photos.
  • Men and his mom work hard to make the English version.
  • I am learning some Dutch because of this blog.

Samenvatting voor Men in het Nederlands:

  • De men-a-men is een interessante blog.
  • Men schrijft en post goed aardige foto's.
  • Men en zijn mom werken moeilijk om de Engelse versie te maken.
  • Ik leer wat Nederlands wegens dit blog.

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