Friday, December 30, 2005

Blog Of The Year

Phony Nowhere
started in May of 2005 because Sam's cousin wanted him to have a blog. In his first post Sam warned us that the blog wasn't a personal one and that it:

will basically be a resource to learn about new bands and whatnot. #

Well, Sam has kept that promise. Phony Nowhere has consistently presented interesting posts related to Indie music. Sam is passionate about music and this is reflected in his writing.

I came to Sam's blog because his cousin Lou mentioned it. I found it interesting but didn't know much about the music. To help me out Sam wrote an introduction to Indie music. I followed his suggestions and I have listened to more music this year than I have in ages.

Sam responds (within reason) to questions and suggestions. He credits those that help him too. Actions such as these make visiting his blog more enjoyable. He also agreed to be interviewed. That was a fun and interesting project.

It has been fun watching this blog develop. I never know what to expect and enjoy seeing what's new.

Phony Nowhere is a good example of an interesting and well written blog.

Firemind's Blog Awards


Tara said...

hi Leon.

... said...

Quite frankly, Leon, I am honored.

I don't know what to say.

Thank you so much!!!!!!!

Leon said...

Hi Tara!

Sam - you're welcome.

Steve said...

Haven't started Dawn yet but will tell you my opinion after I read it. Thanks for commenting, and feel free to do it any time you want.

Leon said...

Steve - thanks for stopping by. I'll be visiting.