Thursday, January 05, 2006


DCCC = 800 in Roman Numerals and this is my 800th post.

Lot's of odd bits and pieces to write about tonight. Another Victoria friend has started blogging so I may be busy helping him out. One other friend started a blog last week.

Shahid is playing around with memes and is trying to make a high powered googlebomb. So check out his post.

The theme this month at Our Photoblog is Old And New. Check back periodically to see what has been posted.

I haven't read all my favourite blogs yet. I kind of went into shock when I got to Lou's Blog. Lou has quit blogging for a while. It will be odd not getting my daily fix of awesomeness but I think I can handle it. If we need to find Lou all we have to do is seed a post with phrases like 'The Decemberists' or 'Indie Music' and Lou will find us. Waving a Threadless t-shirt out the window should work too.

800 posts and I am not ready to quit. I guess the world has to put up with me for a while yet.


LJ said...

Congrats!!! This is a cool achievement!!!

Leon said...

Thanks LJ!

Fin said...

Well done Leon! That's a fantastic amount of writing!!!