Sunday, January 15, 2006

Firemind Cinema 14

Welcome to the first Cinema of the new year. I decided to dedicate some videos to blog friends. I couldn't find a match for everyone though.

Email Worm - an animated public service announcement.

Chargoyle GoKart - 2 min 59 sec - who would have thought a lawnmower could be so fun. (For Steve).

Driving Lessons - a funny animated how-to-drive video. (For Fintan).

The Mighty Hunter (Episode 3 - The Rundown) - 2 min 4 sec - an odd hunting film. More in the series.

Hamster Dance Video - 2 min 34 sec - an indie rodent. (For Sam).

Cow Song - an odd music video. (For Poompa).


Fin said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Firemind,

Just letting you know that after a brief hiatus, Fudge Packering is back on Google Video. Thanks for mentioning it on your blog some time back.

Leon said...

Thanks. I fixed the link in "Firemind Cinema 2".

Steve said...

Sweet video! Thanks!

Leon said...

You're welcome.