Thursday, January 19, 2006

Firemind 2005 - A Retrospective

2005 was a good year for me personally and for "Firemind". This post will look at some of the things I liked about last year.

Photographs and Flickr

My photography really took of last year and by late December I had over 2400 photos posted at my Flickr site. Almost all of them were taken since November 2004. I posted photos in Firemind, Fire Pix, and Our Photoblog.


Firemind is my main blog but I was busy with other blogs as well. Fire Pix is another photoblog I play in sometimes. The Demo Blog is a group blog for teaching blogging. It is quiet now but was quite busy early in the year. Our Photoblog is still busy and is fun to participate in. These blogs kept me going throughout the year and were very satisfying.

2 Lazy 2 Blog is a late addition to my blog family but it has proven to be quite successful. We all have fun there and don't take things too seriously. Maybe that's why it works.


I had fun organizing activities last year. Some of them didn't work out but others did. The Online Potluck was a lot of fun and several people participated. The New Year Party at 2 Lazy 2 Blog was another big success. These two events focused on simple ideas and were open to everyone. I enjoyed them.

Cinemas and podcasts

I experimented with multimedia last year. This lead to several podcasts and a weekly series called Firemind Cinema. These projects have been fun and I will continue producing them in the future. I probably won't work on them every week.


Friends were an important part of my online life last year. I mentioned their blogs, interviewed them, and sometimes poked fun at them. I encouraged them to blog and even gave some awards. The interaction with my friends was so much fun I adopted everyone.

Favourite posts of 2005

See my Favourites page.


2005 was a great year for blogging.


Joel said...

Kewl. What's this year's plans?

Leon said...

I'm not sure. Maybe a rest.:)