Friday, August 05, 2005

Second Annual Online Potluck

Ah, there is nothing like food to bring people together. Say to friends, "Come to dinner", or "Let's go eat. I'm Buying", and they will probably join you. Free food plus companionship is appealing.

Potlucks are special because they provide free food and yet distribute the cost and work among the participants. Potlucks are great community building activities.

An Online Potluck may sound absurd but it is a community building activity. For one moment various bloggers come together and engage in one activity. We discuss food on the same day and link to each others posts.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the food and the blogs.



Black Cow Drink by Keith.

Coffee by Leon.


Friends And Food - by Leon.

Animated Soup
- by Jake.


Grilled Burgers - by Shahid.

Nabir Stew by Mozbie.


Chocolate Pistachio Pie - by Leon.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches - by Keith.

Organic Smoothie - by Fintan.




Leon said...

When you have posted your entry leave me a comment with the url

Amimationman said...

Leon I am now bringing soup, the peppers were ruined on the car ride to the potluck.

Amimationman said...

Amimationman said...

Leon said...

Mwahahaha - too bad about the peppers but soup is good.

Keith said...

Leon - I combined both potluck items in one post... Hope this doesn't create a potluck problem :)

Leon said...

Keith - potlucks are all about creative organization.

Keith said...

That's a delicious recipe from Mozbie Leon :-) This makes the second time I've "read" his "recipe" lol Got me again humph...

Leon said...

Simple old jokes work well. Who knows what Mozbie will morph into.