Friday, August 05, 2005

Friends And Food

Food has been an important part of many of my friendships. From my childhood to the present I have had a food ritual with at least one friend.

Shrimp With Shawn

When I was nine or so I had a friend named Shawn who liked shrimp. He was the only one in his family who did. Every week his grandmother would buy a plastic tub of mini shrimp (about the size of a margarine tub). Shawn would call me and I would head over to his place. When I got there we would go out and sit in the yard and eat all of the shrimp. We used toothpicks to spear each one individually. It was fun and tasty.

I still think of Shawn when I eat shrimp.

French Fries With Gary

When friends of my family opened a Fried Chicken place in my hometown it was a sensation. They sold ice cream, burgers, and all of the usual fast foods. Kids like me tried everything.

I was twelve and hung around with my best friend Gary. When we went to the chicken place we usually ordered medium fries with gravy. We added vinegar and lots of ketchup and then had to eat fairly fast so the fries didn't turn to mush. Ah, those were the days.

Dim Sum With Frank

My friend Frank corrupted me in 1982 when he introduced me to Dim Sum at Don Mee. We have been going there ever since. We eat and talk and enjoy ourselves. Sometimes other friends join us.

Over the years I have learned what foods are good and what to avoid. I finally mastered the art of using chopsticks.

Of all my food rituals with friends this one has lasted the longest. So far we have been going to Dim Sum (when possible) for twenty three years!

I Do Chopsticks by firemind.

(Online Potluck)


Amimationman said...

Making food, Making friends, Eating food, eating friends. Happy potluck.

Leon said...

haha - good one. Happy Potluck.

Mick in the UK said...

Hey Leon, if you're ever in the UK I'll take you for an Indian Curry, the best in the world from my City.

Joel said...

What a kewl post. Will have to consider doing something similar.

Mick in the UK said...

Leon, I just listened to your audio blog (piglet latin) which I downloaded the other day, and it's the same language we used to use between ourselves at senior school!
We didn't know at the time where it originated.

Fin said...

Wow that's quite a while!

If Mick get's to take you for a curry, I'll have to take you for a pub lunch :D

Leon said...

Mick - I love Curry! Pig Latin in Senior School - what a riot.:)

Joel - go on write your heart out. We'll eat it up.:)

Fin - fine with me. :)

Keith said...

I have never had dim sum but man does that look good! Chopsticks are not my thing though, I would just use my fingers. 23 yrs. eating this with Frank! Wow!

Leon said...

Keith - chopsticks take practice. They're great for dim sum but with typical Cantonese dishes (etc) I often end up using the fork and spoon due to the tiny chopped food and sauces.

Wow is right!:)