Saturday, August 06, 2005


Yesterday was fun. 'Food' was arriving for the Online Potluck early on and I linked to posts as soon as I was notified.

I went out for breakfast and headed to work. While there I tried to do computer maintenance but it was too busy. I may have to pop in early next week.

I told my coworkers about the Potluck and they thought it was a bizarre idea. They understood my reasons for doing so and could see why it was fun for people.

One woman asked to see the recipe for Fin's 'Organic Smoothie' and liked it. Then she asked to see 'the cartoon'. When I showed her Jake's toon she laughed out loud and called two other employees over to watch. They watched it several times and laughed a lot. (After seeing it quite a few times I noticed all the little bits Jake added to the toon: like lifting eyebrows, and tear drops, and other subtle things. Way to go Poompa!)

After work I had a latte' and slowly walked home. The sun was fabulous.

When I got home there were more submissions to link to. I updated the post and began to get hungry again.

The potluck was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoyed it.

There may be one or two more submissions coming. I will let you know if and when they arrive. If you haven't visited the participants blogs yet pop in and say hi. You may find a new favourite snack. :)

Thanks to the participants for the great food!


missweb said...

I really enjoyed reading about your potluck and I enjoy reading your blog in general. I'm a teacher from Montreal (originally from Penticton) and I plan to use blogging in my classes this coming year. Unlike the article you linked my attention to, I find blogging to be very educational, especially in my ESL (english second language) classroom. Keep up the great blog(s).

Leon said...