Friday, January 27, 2006


Besides writing in this blog I have been busy with other ideas. I created Fire Tales so I could play around with fiction. I hope the blog will let me be creative and also keep me and any readers from getting bored.

My friend Shogun has been busy too. He has been updating and expanding his Ayumi Hamaki fansite: Ayu Meets World. There are sections dealing with other JPOP and JROCK musicians as well.


Mick in the UK said...

Hi Leon,
Well you have been busy posting lately!
The last few posts were exellent.

Remember, there will be many people who read your blog, but for various reasons they might only occasionaly comment.
It doesn't mean they aren't there.

Since I stopped blogging I could have written a dozen posts which were in my head, but I am busy doing research at the moment which is extremely time consuming, although I may start blogging again in the future.

Please don't get down about other peeople dropping off the blog radar...there are plenty of long term bloggers out there to keep you busy for a long while.

Leon said...

Mick - thanks. Yeah, I know and appreciate that. One good thing about recognizing these things is that it gets me writing.

Now that I have tapped that 'negativity' I can write about it with out being there.