Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Today was a volunteer day so I went uptown around noon. The session went ok and then I stopped at the office for a bit.

I hadn't had much for breakfast so I was quite hungry. I went to Hime Sushi on Broughton Street and had Bento.

The Tuesday special Bento had vegetables and prawns in tempura batter, salad, sushi, and a meat in a sauce. It came with a small bowl of steamed rice and miso soup. I drank tea and water. The food was good and filling and the only surprise was the hot green paste hidden under my salad. (It was so spicy!) It cost around $12 with tax.

After that I paid some bills at the bank and bought a novel at Munro's. I was going to walk home because it was sunny but the wind was too cold.

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