Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bookfest 2006: Five Books

This is my Bookfest 2006 submission.

These are some interesting books. All of them except the first one are considered 'Young Adult' novels and of interest to teens.

Downbelow Station by C.J. Cherryh.

This is a fast paced science fiction/war story set in outer space. Pell (Downbellow) is the centre of a conflict between Earth and 'The Union' and is bursting with refugees. People have to choose sides in the conflict and try to stay alive.

The characters and settings are interesting. The author does a very good job of keeping things tense throughout the novel.

The Blue Hawk by Peter Dickinson.

Tron is a young priest who does something to annoy his superiors and is exiled. He becomes involved with nobles and has many adventures. He lives in a kingdom that is similar to ancient Egypt. It is fascinating.

The Silent Strength Of Stones by Nina Kiriki Hoffman.

Nick Verrou is 15 and lives in Oregon. He likes to spy on visitors at a lake. He meets new friends and encounters magic through them. There are some hilarious scenes and lots of friendship in the novel.

Fat Kid Rules The World by K.L. Going.

Troy is a very fat 17 year old who is going to kill himself. He is saved by a teenage punk rock legend. This is a fun story about friendship and music.

Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger.

John is 16 and confused. He doesn't get along with his parents and has few friends. He falls in love with a girl who happens to be a lesbian. This novel is very good and quite sad.


LJ said...

I LOVE youth literature!!!! Have you read anything by the Australian author - Isabelle Carmody? I picked up a bunch of great books at the TC Book Sale a couple of weekends ago too. How about any Garth Nix? He's good too.

Leon said...

I am familiar with both names but haven't read anything by them.