Sunday, February 26, 2006

Three Daze

Furious Friday

Friday was quite hectic mainly due to the see-saw way things happened at work.

At work I would find my self bored and pacing. I paused in a coworkers door and had to explain I didn't need anything. Then I heard a joke being told in the office and decided it was clean enough to let the person finish it.

Twenty minutes later I had just finished dealing with my fifth phone message and was happy to have a break. I made myself busy and read the paper when I had nothing else to do.

Things got really quiet for about 30 minutes and then the cycle started again. At one point I wandered into a coworkers office and thrummed my lip: "blubbida, blubbida, blubbida". He smiled and asked, "Having fun?". I just smiled and rolled my eyes.

I was happy when we finished for the day.

The evening was quiet.

Social Saturday

I met some friends for dim sum in the morning. We had a nice visit but most of that was small talk. I had trouble resisting the urge to shock them. Ha, I don't think I could shock them.

I went home afterwards and chatted with friends for a bit. I also had a long phone call from my parents. Then I chatted with friends again.

Overall it was nice to connect with people.

Slow Sunday

I rested all day. The most ambitious thing I did was go out for a cheese burger. Now I am reading a novel.

What will happen tonight? Who knows?

Update: Not much happened tonight except chatting online. Friends are nice to have.

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