Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Paper Hearts

I used to hate Valentine's Day when I was a kid. Giving out cards became a ritual that seemed sillier every year. Cards were a kind of popularity measurement and people became upset if you forgot to give them one.

Eventually I stopped giving cards altogether.

I kind of felt bad I didn't buy anything for anyone. But it made me feel worse that no one got anything for me. - Shogun

Sometimes receiving cards could be more irritating than being forgotten. I remember thanking a girl for giving me a card and she said, "Oh, I gave one to everybody." Someone had suggested "being nice to everyone". Everyone got a card but friends got two or three.

Valentine's Day could be fun in relationships but often resembled a sexier version of Christmas. When February arrived I began to worry about spending extra money. I found the feelings associated with the day artificial so I eventually stopped celebrating it altogether.

I do occasionally give a card or gift. It is a way of saying that person is important. I just don't play the mind games any more.

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