Friday, February 03, 2006


I went in to the office yesterday and dropped off my time sheet. I made a few stops along the way home but not long ones. I was tired when I got home. I had some more cold medication including a powder to mix with hot water. These hot-drink medicines are nice for nighttime.

I didn't feel like doing much yesterday except a little photography and chat with friends. Both made me feel good.

I decided to call in sick today so I can get over this cold. I am making progress but I still get tired and sore. Meh, I hate colds.

I want to blog and read blogs today. Blogger and/or Blogspot has been acting up so I have trouble accessing some blogs. If the servers are overworked perhaps they should clean out more spam blogs and porn blogs.

I want to work on some more fiction today too. Ideas never seem to come alone. Ah, well. i can live with that.

Update: Blogger Status has a post about the recent outages.

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