Monday, February 06, 2006


Why is it so important to get answers sometimes? Why can't I let mysteries stay that way? Am I afraid of making mistakes? Do I need the rules spelled out in crisp detail?

Sometimes the answer isn't the problem but the question. Sometimes we are not ready for the question to be asked. We talk around it forever. If one wants answers and the other doesn't then things can become tense.

I remember times when the truth has hurt me and others. I remember when honesty could have prevented problems and misunderstandings. These were times when the question and answer were both known by one person if not the other.

I don't ask questions for the answer but for the understanding it leads to. Sometimes I answer questions to be understood.

Both the question and the answer can make a person feel vulnerable. Both the asker and the asked can feel uneasy. The fear means the question and the people involved are important.

Communication is a process of discovery. It brings people together. It can also make you feel worn out and insecure sometimes.

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