Friday, February 17, 2006


After a period of change my life has slowed down again. The mood swings and self analysis are subsiding. This isn't due to fatigue, or fear, or hopelessness. This is due to reaching another level.

I am feeling balanced right now, with my friends, and with myself. I am at peace.

Sometimes I wish I could share more in my blog. I wish I could use my experiences to help others and inspire people. I am content to feel satisfied and know that things are "on track."

Obliqueness has its advantages. You may wonder what I am getting at and look into yourself. By misunderstanding me you understand yourself. That can be a good thing.

I am not always a clear writer or speaker. Sometimes I think differently than other people. Sometimes though, I can find my "inner communicator" and really connect with other people. When I do I feel awesome.

I feel I am in a relaxed state of stasis. I am resting for a moment before deciding if I need more change in my life. The willingness to change is what separates stasis from stagnation. Stagnation can be a cruel state of existence.

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