Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I rested a lot today and my cold is finally gone. I had leftover chowmein for supper and can't decide if I am hungry or not. I chatted with friends and that was nice but I felt a bit unfocused. I think its just a combination of fatigue and a need to get out with "real" people.

At one point today I even mentioned getting away from the computer a bit. This was an odd enough thought for me that I paused for a bit. Being sick has made me rely on my blogs and friends more than ever. Instead of being isolated I have been able to 'socialize' and have fun. I just want to be able to tell people about something concrete - something that I just did that was enjoyable. So I may be away from the computer a bit in the next few days but I won't/can't ignore it for long.

Tomorrow I plan to go up town and I hope to see a movie. These pleasures will make me feel back on track. Right now I am doing laundry. That is one thing I can do when unfocused and tired.

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