Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Up And Down

Yesterday was a busy and upbeat day. I made some progress in one of my volunteer positions, tried sushi, and worked on different tech ideas with friends. All of these things were positive and fun.

Personally I was feeling upbeat too. I was connecting with friends and sharing ideas. This was good too.

Yesterday was a very long but satisfying day.

Today was different. I had some busy periods where I connected with friends and helped out with projects or just listened. That was cool. I also needed to rest more than I had planned to.

Tonight has been good but not as upbeat as I hoped. I found some information I was looking for and it was satisfying and hopeful but not perfect. Sometimes I get excited and want to make progress but have to accept little steps rather than leaps.

So I am feeling a little down. Satisfied, but down. That's ok.

What is nice about this is knowing why I am depressed. Having a reason I understand is better than that unfocused vacant feeling that can occur. It just doesn't make things easier.

Tomorrow is another day and will bring new challenges. It may be up or down but it will be different from today.


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