Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Getting Techy With Tags

My friend David and I had an interesting discussion about using and Fintan's Technorati Tag Generator to create tags for local agencies and businesses.

I have experimented with these programs at FireLinks a blog directory I was working on. The idea was to use these tags to act as searchable categories similar to those in Wordpress.

For example:

Firemind by Leon. This is my personal blog. I write about books, blogging, and whatever else seems interesting at the moment.

Firemind - tags:

blog blogger blogging books firelinks musicblog personal photoblog podcast regional

(Note: Since there is only one entry all the pages look the same. If more blogs were added the pages would vary.)

Technorati Tags:

Extending This Concept:

We could create a blog or webpage and categorize the available resources (Mental Health agencies for example).

Victoria Community Information Database - a database listing groups, organizations, and societies in the Greater Victoria Area.

The tags can be seen here. Each individual tag could also be placed in a database listing or blog post for VCID.

Here are the Technorati Tags:

These tags could help extend the information available to people searching a blog or database.

As you can see this discussion produced a lot of thought. David also introduced me to Listible! a website that combines tagging with listing and voting of resources. The site looks interesting.

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