Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Writing Joe

I just finished part three in the Joe's World stories I am writing at Fire Tales. I may edit again but I am happy with it for the most part.

It's funny how fiction can bring pain and sadness. Although the story is fiction I had to draw from my own experience and that of friends. I have been replaying the story over in my mind to get the 'facts' right. Sometimes it seems as real as my own life.

I am not sure why I like writing about this character. I had planned to write science fiction, fantasy and horror. Joe just stepped into my mind and had a story to tell. I got interested and started to write.

Maybe I like all the drama that surrounds Joe. My own life may make people laugh or frown at times, but it has been fairly normal. With Joe I can mix reality and fantasy and add a bit of drama. With Joe I can experience all the fun but not face the consequences of my actions.

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