Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Busy, Books And Bento

Today was a busy day. I worked at one of my volunteer positions and then went to a meeting. The meeting was quite interesting as we discussed ways to relate to and help clients. We also dealt with our own expectations and whether they conflicted with those of the client. Over all it was an interesting discussion.

After the meeting I went to Chapters to pick up a book I had ordered. I had an interesting discussion with two staff members about Young Adult fiction.

Around 4:30 I was getting hungry again so I went on a quest for Japanese food. I went to Shiki Sushi on Fort Street near Quadra.

I started with Shabu Shabu Soup which is chicken based. Next I had a Bento box with Chicken Katsu (deep fried chicken breast), salad, and rice. Instead of the usual fruit my special had California Roll. I was still a little hungry so I had two sushi (tomago and unagi). I drank tea and water.

The food was great and so was the service. The total cost was around $11.80 which was very good. I will visit the place again.

Now I am blogging and IMing friends. I may read a little later on. I won't push myself too much though because after a long busy day I may need a good nap.

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