Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Who's Life?

Today I am a little depressed. Part of the reason is due to fatigue and part of it is due to some events of the last few days.

I was up late reading another good novel. Challenging books are great but can leave me feeling drained. I got some sleep but was tired all day and had a headache.

Somebody suggested I visit another town to see family. The idea has merit but it presents me with a few logistical problems. I reacted to how the idea was presented to me. It felt like interference.

Today I was chatting with a friend and trying to help him with a problem. I suggested some things and asked some questions. Most were received OK but one or two weren't. Suddenly I felt as if I was interfering.

I am still trying to work something out with my phone company. The whole situation is frustrating.

Today I felt angry and powerless and wanted to fix things. It seems easier to help my friend than it does to help myself. Getting caught up in his affairs means I can forget mine for a while. But is that fair to him and me?

Who's life am I living anyway?

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