Monday, March 27, 2006

Thoughts From A Tired Mind

I am very tired today even though I got lots of sleep. My body feels better but my mind feels lost somewhere. Tea will help. :)

I am working on a series of posts about music. I am finding the first one harder to write than I thought. I am writing about what music I liked and what it meant to me. The problem is trying to keep the post a reasonable length and only cover what is important.

The other idea I am working on is a post about friendship. I found some interesting quotes and will add some personal observations. I just haven't felt like working on it lately.

The last sentence really sums things up for a day like this. I like to keep in contact with friends and express myself but sometimes don't have the energy. Or I have to distribute it between several blogs and email and IM. I don't mind communicating via any of these because they keep me in contact with people. I just need to pace myself more.

One thing I notice is that this isn't depression. I am not looking inward and hiding from the world. I am just filtering the world a little more.


Gemma. said...

Hey, ummm. Hope you don't think i'm snooping, this was in an email that Bryce sent to me, so i thought I would just say I'm sorry if you thought my opinions harsh or rude, Sometimes i say what i'm thinking and other peoples feelings get hurt, no matter how good my intentions may be. I want to thank you also, for being so awesome to Bryce, I know how it is to be unhappy, if only i had of had friends like you or Becky like he has. So, Yeah. Sorry if this seems nosey.

Leon said...

Hi Gemma, Your comments were fine and you are welcome here.

christine said...

I know what you mean.I love knowing people and interacting wiht people but I sometimes seem to find it all such hard work after a day at work