Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Connecting With Others

Yesterday I seemed to be connecting with people.

My Tuesday volunteer session was canceled so I talked to people at the office for a bit. I chatted with a former coworker who is now a student. I haven't seen him since he left.

I went to lunch at John's Place and enjoyed myself as usual. As I was entering Rodney said "take that spot" and I went to the table. Before I had taken my coat off he had placed some water and a coffee and said, "sorry it took so long". I said, "yeah, service is slow today". We both smiled. We always kid around like that.

When I got home I went online and chatted with a friend for a bit. He exhibited one of his paintings and won a prize! I thought that was so cool.

I played a computer game for a few hours and then went online again. I took a break and had a nice long talk with my mom on the phone.

When my parents get connected to the Net I will help mom get used to email, the Internet, and other computer stuff. I won't be able to replace having someone show her stuff in person, but I am experienced teaching things using email and IM. It will be fun to teach her what I can.

Just as I was finishing up with mom another friend IMed me. He just returned from a trip and I was eager to chat. I couldn't type properly at first because I still had the phone in my hands. Ha ha. That chat was fun too.

Connecting with others can be so satisfying. It also grounds me in the real world since I can get lost in ideas. Connecting with others also inspires me to explore, discover, or create new things.

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