Sunday, April 23, 2006


I caught up on rest this weekend and feel pretty good. I need to catch up with my housecleaning but I can start that anytime.

I finished another novel this morning. I will try to get some reviews written this week. One thing I do enjoy is reading and don't know what I would do without that ability.

I got an email from a fellow who wants to cite my Age of Consent survey results in his university paper. I find that exciting and will send him some info.

I went to see Silent Hill tonight and enjoyed it. It's not a profound movie but it has a story and the pacing is good. The special effects are superb and a little gross. It's not very scary though.

After the movie I stopped at a pub for a snack. I had bread, clam chowder, and coffee. It was cheap and good.

I plan to play games and blog tonight. I would like to work on some fiction too but we'll see.

There is one thing about blogging I like. If I can't think of something to write I can always recap my day. It isn't profound but it keeps me writing.


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LJ said...

Silent Hill is one of those movies I'd like to see, but most "scarry movies" are ... NOT. But if you say the other parts, ie story line, special effects, etc. are good - I'll take that as a recommendation.