Monday, April 17, 2006


I finished my leftovers and didn't feel like starting something new so I ate out twice in two days and the results were okay. Yesterday I had a cheeseburger at The Embassy and it was nice. The only problem is that their food is fairly expensive and my normal sized meal cost $19. The food is good but that's too much for a burger, soup, and a coffee. Today I ate at Smitty's and the food was okay and cheaper.

After dinner today I stopped at the bank and Chapters and then went to see 'Slither'. The movie is sci-fi/horror and tells the story of alien slugs invading the earth. It is a little gross but not too bad. Horror is mixed with comedy to make an edgy, dark tale that is surprisingly good.

Downtown the movies cost $8.25 which is pretty good but the small pop was $3.29! What a ripoff.

I have been playing a variant of Age Of Empires I call 'Absolute Mayhem: Islands'. Absolute Mayhem is played using the 'bigdaddy' and 'big momma' cheats to create rocket powered cars that kick butt. This variant is based on the Large Islands random maps and requires different tactics.

I talked to my parents a few days ago and they have their new computer set up. They should be online in a few days and that will be odd. I will tell them about this blog and invite them to read it. Nothing here is offensive but I wonder what will catch their interest - if anything. It will be another phase in the evolution of Firemind.

Well, I am off to read blogs and write. Cheers.

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