Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"Where's Emo?" And Other Oddities

I was checking my visitor stats for Firemind and found a strange trend occurring. The keyword searches related to posts I had written, of course, but one post really brought in the traffic.

  • firemind
  • shiki sushi and canada and victoria
  • ideas for a bored receptionist

The following searches all lead to my post about Stereotypes:

  • i am emo so i must cut my
  • i'm turning emo
  • wear bandana on wrist
  • gangsta way to wear a bandana
  • stereotypes i have a fringe so i must be emo
  • how to wear a bandana emo
  • wear a bandana on my wrist

Now I know what attracts readers. lol.

The searches at 2 Lazy 2 Blog have been just as odd:

  • sexy quiz
  • vanmiddag translation
  • my life path number 7 - (several related searches)
  • harry potter is a girl
  • turkey wrestling
  • age of consent surveys - (several searches)

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