Friday, April 07, 2006

So Busy!

I was tired this morning and slept in a bit so I had to take a snack to work. Work was steady for the first two hours and then it got horrendous. The phone kept ringing, people needed stuff, and sometimes needs conflicted (but not seriously). One moment I felt drained and the next I was pumped up.

Days like this I love being able to "play receptionist". I mumble, and growl, while frowning and sighing, then the phone rings and I perk up and answer in a cheery voice. When I hang up I look to see if anything else needs to be done, and then sigh, and flop in my chair.

After work I stopped off at a cafe and ate lots of normal Canadian food. I don't think I could have handled anything exotic. I caught the bus home during rush hour and joined the rest of the "sardines" packed into it. I was glad eating had relaxed me a bit or else the ride would have been stressful.

I plan to spend a quiet night reading and writing. I may post again later.

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