Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Busy Tuesday

I volunteered today and the shift went well. I decided to hold off making any changes for a while. It was nice to talk and enjoy the sunshine although I had to hang my light jacket from my camera case (or "purse" - as so many people have mistaken it for this week.)

After the shift I helped a person with some computer graphics and enjoyed some birthday cake. The cake was delicious.

I went to a meeting but must have got the location mixed up because no one was there. I didn't worry about it and just enjoyed the weather. I thought of taking some photographs but it was far too bright and they wouldn't have turn out the way I wanted.

I went and applied for volunteer positions with the Folkfest and another event. If things work out I could be quite busy over the summer.

As I walked home I stopped in the new Mountain Equipment Co-op store at 1450 Government Street. I wasn't looking for anything to buy. I just wanted to see what the building looked like inside.

When I worked in security one of my jobs was checking the Ministry Of Forests offices in that building and the one on Pandora.

1450 was a sturdy old building and had an odd mix of features resulting from poor renovations. I remember when workers removed a wall and found another made of cedar shakes. Somebody had cut corners and plastered over the wood thus creating a fire hazard. Other oddities included light switches placed behind doors.

I felt odd when I went into the store. I had watched the construction progress over the last few months but still felt a sense of loss. I talked to some staff and told them a bit about the building.

Tonight I completed my census forms online and then read for a while.

Today was a very busy day. I rather enjoyed it.

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