Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be able to comb my hair up and over the... um... 'sparse' region on my head. I don't try too hard though and visit Jimmy's Barber Shop about 5 times a year.

Pre Cut by firemind.

I know it is time for a haircut when the wind actually blows my hair around. Another sign is when a comb replaces a face-cloth as my primary grooming tool.

After Cut by firemind.

After a haircut I feel refreshed and balanced. My hat does feel big for a few days though.


LJ said...

Never - ever - do a comb over. That's for sissies! Be receding, be bold, and be proud! You're a good looking man, don't muss it up with a fake - wanna have my old hair back - kind of head.
There, I've said it, and I mean it! :-)

Leon said...

Ha ha - Combovers - Another person said something similar. I really don't need or want something as bizarre as that.