Monday, May 29, 2006


I used Skype for the first time yesterday and tried a number of things.


The IM side of Skype works likes the other IM's I have used. My first chat was text based.


I used SkypeOut to call my parents on their "landline" phone. The call was free due to a Skype promotion.

The sound was great but there was a slight delay in communication so we had to adapt. It reminded me of using radiophones and saying "over" at the end of each response.

I wondered if this was because of the distance called but a friend said it happened when he tested Skype by calling his own number and talking with a family member.

The frustrating part of the conversation was getting everyone to adapt to the delay. I will experiment more with SkypeOut

Skype To Skype

Talking to another person using Skype is a breeze. My third session was a conversation with one of my blogfriends. It was nice and it was just like talking on the phone. (Gee, that's two blogfriends in two days.) :)


I find voice to be a nice way to communicate online. I have to set time aside for it though because it can be distracting. I will use Skype again.

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LJ said...

Glad you've tried Skype now. My contacts never seem to be 'on' when I around it at home anymore. And the delay thing... I've oten had that problem when I've spoken to my Skyping brother and he's not at home. He works on the Railway, so you never really know where he's calling from.