Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hearing Voices

I can communicate quite well in person or on the phone. I am able to express ideas well and can be a good listener. Sometimes my thoughts tend to jump around - especially if the other person doesn't say much. I sometimes find it hard to be precise as I try to include too much information to back up what I say. I guess this comes from being labeled a storyteller as a kid. (I read a lot and included information in my conversations. Kids thought I was lying or showing off).

Writing is slower and more ordered. I can be more precise and clear in what I am trying to say. I used to edit an email newsletter and thus learned to edit myself and others. Blogging allows me to keep using my writing and editing skills.

Using text IM is a little different because it is faster and information comes in smaller pieces. The speed means I don'’t have enough time to edit my thoughts and short bursts of text mean I have to be even more precise. Furthermore I type fairly slow so long passages are harder to do properly. Sometimes it can be hard to say what I want.

IM mimics voice communication but is hampered by the limitations of text. Emotions and personality can be harder to interpret and this can lead to misunderstandings. I have had some very good and satisfying chats even with these limitations.

Recently I phoned an online friend for the first time. We have known each other for a while so we had lots to talk about. The conversation was more fluid than in IM and our personalities showed more. It was nice to see another aspect of my friend.

I want to chat using Skype or similar programs. I don'’t want to replace text IM with voice but the latter can be a useful tool in some situations and can be a nice diversion.

Soon I will be hearing voices. :)

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