Friday, May 26, 2006

Mission Accomplished

I made it through the computer transition and I am getting used to the new machine. I didn't have any real problems but there were a few irritations.

I took my time and alternated cleaning the computer with playing games, relaxing and doing household chores. I fell asleep occasionally and this screwed up my schedule. That was okay.

I burned my files to CD and erased my data.

I reset the old computer to Windows only and uninstalled my Linux. This left a partition that Windows couldn't read so I used an old version of Paragon Partition Manager to make it usable in Windows. That was not the best solution but it was a good one.

I then defragged and shredded free space and then closed the old machine down.

The new computer uses XP Pro and I am still getting used to it. I won't add Linux in the near future and maybe never. I shall see. XP is just different enough from 98 to make me search for stuff sometimes. It isn't too bad.

I absolutely hated Outlook so I downloaded Thunderbird. I also switched to Firefox after an hour with IE. Firefox in Windows is a little different but I am adapting quickly.

I am still getting used to things here but things are fine. I will have to format the computer and set it up for me though. Playing with my friends set up is both fun and frustrating. I will lose some cool programs but gain a computer that is really "mine".

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LJ said...

I'm glad to know you're not a Mac man. I'm surrounded with them at work, and they really get on my nerves. :-)