Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tired On Tuesday

Yesterday I rested a bit and tried to catch up in my blogs. Basically my blogging was to help relieve stress so it's not publishable. Conversations on paper (or keyboard) help me sort out my thoughts when I am tired or upset.

I had some fun chats yesterday and connected with a variety of people. I do think that sometimes I rely on my online friends too much and this can lead to friction. I am learning not to IM when I am tired because little things make me angry.

I had trouble getting to sleep last night and was ill this morning. I phoned in sick for one of my volunteer jobs. I just couldn't handle it today and I needed to sleep some more.

So far I have been a little busy online and it has been nice. There is a place I want to visit tonight but I am not sure if I will make it. I am still tired and sore and in the middle of doing laundry. We shall see.

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