Monday, June 26, 2006

Keeping In Touch

I always considered Firemind an idea blog rather than a personal diary. Of course my life does effect what I write and sometimes I would provide summaries of my activities. The summaries were written to provide a context for photos or to keep me writing when I was low on ideas.

I find myself writing more personal posts that my friends can read and stay informed. This saves me the hassle of repeating everything in different chats and it can lead to further discussion in private.

I have come across separate blogs written by people sharing homes as roommates or married couples. In most cases the bloggers saved a topic for their blogs and wouldn’t discuss it until after they posted. This kept them writing and provided topics for discussion.

When chatting with friends I find that we say "wait until I post" or "I'll post about it". We may provide summaries or might not. I do find that the combination of IM and blogging makes the communication richer.

I used to hate receiving a letter from a friend after I had talked to them on the phone. Sometimes everything in the letter had already been discussed. With blogs we can write our 'letters' and stay ahead of the 'phone calls' (IM).

Even if friends don’t IM each other blogs provide a way to keep in touch.

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