Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunshine, Music And Ice Cream

Saturday was very hot and sunny. In the afternoon I went uptown to A&B Sound to look at CDs. I was going to buy The Dresden Dolls first CD and see if any other interesting ones were available.

The bought the CD I wanted and saw 'The Very Best Of Era' by Era and 'The Tain' by The Decemberists. I am just getting into Era's music right now and getting back into The Decemberists. I have been interested in 'The Tain' since I read a post about it.

One band I couldn’t find is The Automatic. I am hooked on some of their songs right now. I probably can't get their album in Canada and will have to see about ordering online.

After leaving the music store I dropped my CD off at home and walked to Fisherman’s Wharf. I enjoyed the sunshine and talked with a family from Brazil at the wharf. I also stopped in at Jackson's Ice Cream Float and had some yummy ice cream. The business has only been open three weeks and is run by a former coworker of mine. I talked to him for a bit and wished him luck.

One of the Harbour Seals was poking around looking for handouts. I also saw a Heron and took a photo of it.

Last night I chatted with friends and listened to my CD (it's great!). I was going to go to a movie but decided I had done enough for one day.

Over all yesterday was quite fine.

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