Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I was checking up on blogs today and noticed that two of my regular reads aren't getting a lot of comments. Part of the problem is that the bloggers don't promote their blogs or just don’t worry about that aspect of blogging too much. I decided to mention these blogs because I like them.

The Masta

The Masta's Blog is fairly new but "The Masta" is working hard to fill it with interesting posts. There’s video, text and even some podcasts. There are a number of interesting links too.

The blog may appeal more to younger readers but it is appropriate for everyone.

The Masta is a member of 2 Lazy 2 Blog and was the winner of the Mascot Contest. He and I have been working on different projects and he does contribute a lot to them.


Shogun's Blog doesn’t really have a name at the moment. It is mostly a record of what he has been doing and/or thinking. I like it because I can keep track of what my friend is doing and sometimes he writes some funny stuff. Sometimes he writes some very good stuff.

I find that this blog is one of those catalyst blogs that get me writing. I find that other blogs influence me too.

Shogun's blog may not appeal to everyone but many of you will be able to relate to what he says.


I have been commenting on theses blogs and supporting the bloggers. It would be nice for others to stop in, look around, and say hi. You may not become a regular reader but you will spread some good blog cheer.

No one asked me to write this post and I may even have to duck if they throw things at me. I just want these blogs to get the recognition they deserve.

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